April Club Meeting / Easter Theme Challenge

Last month, we challenged Maker member to create an object for the Easter Theme Challenge. Here’s what they made:

Maker Evelyn made a little bunny from felt. Shown below.

Maker Victoria 3D printed tiny bendable Easter eggs.

Maker Alex shares his project from Spring break a maker kit robot.

Maker Alyssa shows a model of a heart that she scanned and 3D Printed

Testing the model printed a small version before sending it to be made larger
Two 3D printed hearts one in pink and the other in white

Presentation and video of the Medical project by MECATX members makers:

Learn how MRIs and CT scan are helping to create 3D models and prints

Makers are always welcomed. Bring your project. We’d love to see it.

Join the fun and create. See y’ah next month.

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