Meeting Minutes — 2017-10-11

Location: Copperas Cove Public Library (CCPL)

Number of attendees: 5

Awesome group of makers: Educator, Students, Doctor, Photographer, and more

Topics of conversation:

Library Director Kevin Marsh is planning a Winter Fest Academy similar to the Summer Camp that the Library puts on during the summer.

The Winter Fest Academy is tentatively scheduled to happen during the last week of December.  Pre-Registration is required.

Dates:   December 26th through 29th, 2017
Hours:   3:30 to 5pm
Tentative activities:
                     3 Tracks:

3D Printing class
Video Editing

Kevin Marsh is seeking volunteers to help with the Winter Fest Academy.   Please contact him for more information- Ph: (254) 547-3826

Here are some items available at the Copperas Cove Public Library:

  • CCPL available electronic kits


  • MIDI Accordion:

Maker Daniel Kott brought with him three different types of accordions.   Talked about what makes them different and how one of the accordion is being modified with the help and expertise of Ron Nelson to be a MIDI Accordion.  The MIDI Accordion allows a student to learn more efficiently than having to swap three accordions that are each a specific key.

  • Midi Accordion


  • 3D Printer:

Copperas Cove Public Library has available computers for designing 3D Models and a 3D printer for printing your design. has very good tutorials for learning to design 3D models and it’s an excellent site to explore existing 3D models which are available to download and 3D print.

Find Models at   Do a search,  see if there’s an existing model, download the STL file and print them at the library’s teamwork room.

Evelyn Nelson is printing a Motion Man cause she wants to learn more about how gears work.  Here’s the link of the one she is using to learn:



Young maker Desiree wearing Evelyn’s 3D Printed Wonder Woman headband….  She’s ready for Halloween.


3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image

This is an awesome site that take your head

  • 3D Face Reconstruction from Single Image



A Note: 

A great start to the new year of making, learning and exploring, let’s keep the momentum with more creative and interesting projects.  Please feel free to share your experiences with family and friends.  Everyone is welcome.  If you enjoy making and creating, join us.


Next club meeting will be Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, at 6pm at the Copperas Cove Public Library. Bring your project for the Show & Tell segment.




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