3D Printing class at Library

During the Copperas Cove Public Library (CCPL) Summer Reading Camp,  Maker Member Evelyn Nelson presented “Learn to make your first model 3D Printing” to a full room participants curious to learn about 3D Printing.

As people lined outside for this presentation, Evelyn and Ron Nelson were busy setting up the Library Large Hall.  Laptops were made available to students wanting to learn.  Library Director Kevin Marsh and Library Assistant Martha Dye registered them and direct them to Evelyn. By the time all were signed in there were 35 students  and 12 Adults attending.

Evelyn organized the students in pairs matching those with computer experience to those with little to no experience.  The pairs of student worked together as they watched and learned about creating 3D models using the Microsoft’s 3D Builder.  3D Builder that comes already installed as part of the Microsoft basic software that are a part of Windows 10 operating systems.  Special Thanks to Microsoft.  

As Evelyn taught the class, she had cleverly brought a hands-on experiment for the those who have never interacted with such technology could easily relate it.  All the participants were thrilled to simulate a 3D printer and as they interacted through a series of questions and answers they made the mental connection from the physical world to the simulated world that is 3D Modeling.  They learn to use the 3D Builder software to design their first 3D Model.  They learned the basics and made a custom key chain model which would be printed at the Copperas Cove Public Library’s 3D Printer machine.  This printer is available to all CCPL patrons and neighboring towns.

Central Texas Makers at the TEAMWORK Room
Showing the Library’s own Digital Scanner and 3D Printer Technology found and available for patron at the TEAMWORK Room.


Highlights from the Learn 3D Printing class during the  Copperas Cove Public Library Summer Reading Camp offered to the Teen Group.


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