“Rube Goldberg” member submission

Gianni’s  “Rube Goldberg” submission:

  • Brainstorming session

Want to participate, here’s how….


  • Central Texas Maker collaborative project will be  “Rube Goldberg” type machine which will be displayed at the CCPL for the community to see and learn what cool things are happening at the library.Initially the group decided to have multiple parts that come together to make this project.  This allows each member to participate.
  • To participate you’ll need to do the following:
  • UPDATE  —  NEW Guideline:
    At tonight’s meeting,  the group decide the following guideline.  Breaking the Rube Goldberg project into a grid.   Choose which grid slot to make your own mini Rube Goldberg.  Make your design to have a ground level entry and ground level exit.  Ideally the 16 slots will come together to make the team Rube Goldberg project.  Remember to email Evelyn which slot you picked to work on.

    • Build your own “mini Rube Goldberg project”
      Central Texas Makers Team Project

      Central Texas Makers Layout Slots

      Central Texas Makers Layout Slots

      Criteria for building

      • 1 foot by 1 foot base
      • Self contained power supplies
        (either battery or solar power)
      • Ball size or marble 1/2 inch or less
      • The Entrance and Exit are at the half way point of the 1 foot as mark with the arrows above.
      • Choose one of the 16 slots available
      • Draw your mini Rube Goldberg project idea
      • List the materials needed to build your mini Rube Goldberg project.
      • Building your project using found objects or materials laying around and about your home.

      Criteria Limitations        

      • No Plug-ins
      • If crashing object it should be able to RESET
      • Height should not exceed 2 feet
      • No water or any kind of liquid
      • No extinguishable items (ie: candles)
      • No glass

      • Submit a photo of it to evelyn.nelson (at) centralTexasMakers.com
      • Central Texas Makers’ team Rube Goldberg Machine Project, Evelyn will update this page showing your drawing.  Use the comment section for discussion.
        Latest comments:
        Kevin says:
        Some random ideas:
        I can provide a 4’x4′ plywood base.
        Can we standardize on 1/2″ ball bearings and 3/4″ clear plastic tubing for many applications?
        Any support structures can be assembled from 3D printed or laser-cut parts.
        All sensors, lights, switches and sound effects can be controlled through arduino boards.
        I want to make a small steel helmet that gets hit by a ball bearing to trigger a switch.


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