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AutoScope Project

For those who saw the Automated Microscope project at the Austin Maker Faire: This is still a work in progress. I’ve been writing up some of the process on my personal blog ( Filter on the “AutoScope” category for just those posts. Once we have it fully functional, the Bill of Materials, 3D parts, code,
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Practical Electronics For Inventors

Thanks to Dr. Dan Kott for pointing us to this book. If you have one electronics book in your library, let this be it. And it’s a steal at $25. We’ve added this book to Central Texas Makers’s store under Books for your convenience.  


Maker Faire Austin 2016

Our thoughts on the Maker Faire in Austin: You need to be there for May 7th or the 8th. We will be having a booth, but don’t run a booth! You want to have fun, and the Faire has SO much stuff to learn about. Pay the fee, and have a blast. It is time
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April Game & Movie Night

Game and Movie Night! Okay everyone, who wants to do a Retro Gaming and Movie Night? What day(s) work best? The idea would be to start video games around 6 or 7 PM. Then the movie starts at 8:00 (when things get dark). Aren’t into video games? No worries. We have tons of family board
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Hello World

Our boy Ari helps me debug this program… If you would like to purchase this kit, check out the Nuts & Volts site. I also highly recommend the Color BASIC book by Dan Weston. Get the PDF here.

Amigo Computer and Propeller Color BASIC

My “6 AM” project. Amigo computer running Propeller Color Basic. We’ll be bringing this to our events so that everyone can learn “basic BASIC”. No mouse. No GUI. Just you writing code.

Maker Faire Austin 2016

We’ll be at the Maker Faire Austin on May 7th and 8th. These are always amazing events. If you are a maker, you need to be there.

Double Feature!

Due to demand, we’ll be having a double feature on Saturday the 26th. First movie will start around 8 PM. The second movie, likely space-themed, will start at 10 – 11 PM.

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