Meeting Minutes — 2017-03-08

Location: Copperas Cove Public Library (CCPL)

Number of attendees: 8

Awesome group of makers: Educator, Students, Programmer, Doctor, Modeler, Photographer, and more

Topics of conversation:

  • 3D Printer:

Copperas Cove Public Library has available computers for designing 3D Models and a 3D printer for printing your design. has very good tutorials for learning to design 3D models and it’s an excellent site to explore existing 3D models which are available to download and 3D print.

3D Print Model examples

3D Print Model examples

  • Laser Technology:

Laser Cutter

Ron Nelson presented a laser cut art piece.  Here he shows a box made from balsa wood.  The box stored several artistic pieces.

Below is the artistic pieces completed and on displayed.  It’s called an ElectroMechanical Sculptures by the artist Anne Vaughan shown during the E.A.S.T. in Austin, TX.  Here she is rotating the main gears which then rotates several other gears to create the illusion that someone is in the tiny house turn on and off the lights.

Anne Vaughan ElectroMechanical Sculptures

Anne Vaughan ElectroMechanical Sculptures















Young makers learning about gears used in the ElectroMechanical Sculpture.   All pieces were laser cut.  They learned about the process from modeling vector files,  what materials are used in laser cutting, how the laser cutter works and how the pieces comes together to form this sculpture.

Laser cut gears

  • Musical Learning Technology:

Musical Learning Technology

Musical Learning Technology

Here Dan is demonstrating an iPad based musical synthesizer. The iPad to the right is demonstrating how notes match to frequency. A sine wave is being played at 440 Hz — the musical note A above middle C on the piano.


  • Digital Oscilloscope Software

Digital Oscilloscope Software

A Pico digital oscilloscope is used to view the waveform. Connecting the input of the scope to the output of the audio source (an iPad, an electronic instrument, a microphone, etc) allows you to visualize the sounds.


  • Retro Technology:

Retro Technology

Retro Technology

A Comptometer in action. This 100 year old adding machine has some features that modern digital calculators do not. For example, you can enter an entire number in one action, greatly speeding up data entry. As an example, we were able to multiply numbers faster on the Comptometer than on a digital electronic calculator — because the keystrokes were done in parallel (all digits at once), not serial (one digit at a time).


A Note: 

Do you enjoy making, learning and exploring? If so, let’s keep the momentum going with more creative and interesting projects.  Please feel free to share your experiences with family and friends.  Everyone is welcome.  If you enjoy making and creating, join us.


Rally Day at the Library is on April 8th between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Next club meeting will be Wednesday, April 12th, 2017, at 6pm at the Copperas Cove Public Library. Bring your project for the Show & Tell segment.

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