Featured Member: Kaden Jarman

When the Central Texas Maker club was formed in November of 2015, we had no idea the impact we had in the Copperas Cove, Killeen, Temple and Lampasas area.

During our Show & Tell at the Barnes and Noble Mini Maker Faire, we meet so many wonderful people.  Among them, there was a youngster named Kaden.

As Kaden’s mother Abigail recalled:

Kade has always been interested in making things and it’s always been hard to find programs or activities that challenge him. We finally found a school that suited his needs and had awesome extracurricular activities but then we moved here and it took awhile to find something for him (despite my searching) but he ran into you guys at the Barnes and Noble makers fair and was super interested. He’s had some practice with coding before but not much.   I’m really happy we found ya all. He’s missed out on quite a bit since we’ve been here (He was on a lego robotics team and did destination imagination in WA) and we had trouble finding some good resources here to make up for it.

  • Central Texas Makers at the TEAMWORK Room Pretty sweet, etch a logo on to a poker ship.

In the short time that he’s been with the Central Texas Makers club,  not only has he participated in club sponsored events but has learned to solder,  learned to program an Arduino microcontroller by taking the Hands-On Experience Arduino class, making friends, being a mentor and has worked on his first project.

What’s most impressive about Kaden is his visions and desire to make his ideas a reality.   And it shows.  With the help of Ron Nelson during the Saturday Seekers at the Copperas Cove Public Library, they worked together on his snake game project.  Here’s a video of Kaden explaining the snake game to another member:

He surprised everyone when he attended the next Maker Meeting with a finished project.  He made the cover out of cardboard.  He used duct tape to hold the electronics, buttons and power supply to the back of the cardboard.  See:

  • Kaden showing off his finished Snake Game

He’s becoming a serious maker when he showed up to the Rally Day at the Copperas Cove Public Library bring his new tool box of electronics and parts. He brought his NES Zapper gun by Nintendo and he had taken it apart to see why it didn’t work with the flat screen T.V.   Kaden’s searching for a compatible T.V. that would work with the NES Zapper gun to be able to play Duck Hunt.

Remember Duck Hunt !?!

Remember Duck Hunt !?!

Here’s a snippet of Shop Talk at the Teamwork Room:

It took some time hunting down a CRT T.V. but alas tonight Kaden will receive a wonderful gift.  He will finally be able to play Duck Hunt as it should be played.  He’ll be missed.  He brings so much high energy and creativity.  As he moves forward and onward, may he continue to find opportunities as he did with the Central Texas Makers and meet wonderful makers where ever he goes.

We were invited to his family’s Good Pie (Goodbye) party and took the opportunity to give Kaden’s his gift.  He loved it.

Wishing Kaden much success in Science and Technology.  May he rise to the opportunities and face the challenges with much curiosity, creativity and solutions.

Special Thanks to a wonderful lady and friend which is Kaden’s mom Abigail Mullinax for raising such an amazing young man.  Keep doing what you’re doing beautiful.  The future is so much better because of you, him and the Maker community.  I’m glad that we started the Central Texas Makers club  when we did because we met you.  To Making,  learning and friendship.

I know we will encounter more amazing people in the maker community.

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