Success at the 2016 Maker Faire Austin


This weekend was an amazing weekend. Thank you for attending the Maker Faire Austin and stopping by Central Texas Makers and showing your support and your love for making. We hope this event inspires you to make. Look forward to your creations. Let’s get making.

Indoors makers

  • Bot Party

At the Central Texas Maker Booth

  • Learn to code with Amigo Computer and Propeller Color BASIC

Outdoors makers

  • Robots

Dark room makers

  • Dark Room lighting

Cosplay/DressUp fun

  • Cosplay Riddler


Special Thanks to the Kami Wilt, The Maker Faire Austin crew, Makers from around here and afar for making this event so wonderful.  This was our members first Maker Faire and they all had a blast.  So did our volunteers at the Central Texas Makers booth. Thank you Ron and Evelyn Nelson.

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