Meeting Minutes — 2016-04-13

Location: Copperas Cove Public Library (CCPL)

Number of attendees: 10

Welcomed Makers.

Awesome group of makers from  Woodworker, Educator, Robotics, Black Smith, Artist, Programmer, 3D Modeler, Programmer, Inventor, Parents

  • Project talk, Arduino, Programming and Prototyping.


Topics of conversation:

  • 3D Printing/Modeling
    •  The library continues to get great use out of the 3D printer. We’re doing one-on-one sessions on Saturdays, introduced the Teen club to 3D modeling, and much more. The 3D printer is getting so much use at the library that we’re going to have to come up with a scheduling system!
  • Robotics
    • If you are interested in robotics, Shadetree Robotics in Killeen works on competitive robots. This program is geared toward teens and adult mentors. They are always looking for new team members. To help capture the younger crowd, the library is working on a group project which will use robotics techniques to create some cool projects.
  • Arduino/Programming
    • We’ve had a number of Arduino classes so far. Not only at the library, but at the Senior Center, but also in peoples homes. Due to the amount of material, we’ve broken the 101 Class into three parts. This allows everyone to digest the information without feeling overwhelmed. The next class, which will cover sensors and servos and more will be held in the summer.
  • Projects
    • Lots of interesting projects going on. Several of our members are working on an automated microscope project. We also want to do a “Rube Goldberg” type machine — maybe this will be a summer project?
  • Upcoming classes
    • Arduino 102 — Sensors, Servos, and Screens will be coming next. Everyone will get an excellent kit with all sorts of sensors to experiment with. For basic electronics, Squishy Circuits is on the roadmap — no programming at all. And, we are branching out into some very interesting craft projects.
  • Community Awareness
    • Makers come with all types of experiences. It’s often thought that the Maker Club focuses on the tech side of things. While this is true, we love to integrate other skills. Clubs like the Medieval Arts and Sciences, the Senior Center, Music Groups, and so forth are all makers. We’ll be expanding beyond just gadgets in the very near future. If you like to make things, the Maker Club is where it’s at.
    • The Maker Club has been working with other groups to bring awareness to the Maker Movement. For example, on the Teen day we brought a Retro Gaming console (based on the Raspberry Pi) which was very popular. It’s important that all makers, of whatever backgrounds, work together to make our world a better place.
  • Saturday Seekers
    • This program has brought together a number of makers. We’ve worked on individual projects, brainstormed new ideas, and helped each other learn new skills. We won’t be having as many of these weekends in May, as we’ll be at the Maker Faire (May 7th and 8th, in Austin) and — later in the month — planning future projects. Here is the upcoming schedule:
      • Evelyn will be available on the 14th of May, 2016
      • No Saturday Seekers on the 21st and 28th of May, 2016


Next club meeting will be Wednesday, May 11th, 2016, at 6pm at the Copperas Cove Public Library.

Bring your project for the Show & Tell segment.



Central Texas Makers will be an exhibitor at the Austin Maker Faire:

#ATXmakerfaire, #centraltexasmakers, #make, #maker, #makerfaire

Stop by Central Texas Maker Exhibits (circle indicates our booth)


The Medieval Arts and Science is having a workshop learn to do a Norse Wire Jewelry on Wednesday, May  18th, 2016 at 8pm at the Copperas Cove Public Library.

Happy Making Fellow Makers.

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