Learning is Ageless

What happens when a person who’s never soldered learns to solder?

Photos say it all.

#SeniorCitizens #LearnToSolder

Dan finished soldering his new mini LED kit and just turned it on. It works! Awesome job Dan.

#SeniorCitizens #LearnToSolder

“Great workshop for senior citizens.” said Dan on facebook,

#SeniorCitizens #LearnToSolder

First timer Nadine carefully placing components onto her mini LED kit. Looking good there.

#SeniorCitizens #LearnToSolder

Powering up her mini LED kit. Big smile. She is so excited that she’s showing off. Excellent work Nadine.

This is why Central Texas Makers exists, to empower people who thought they could not do it. This couple not only enjoyed learning but it was a wonderful afternoon of sharing and laughter.

Learning is pretty cool when you are open to new things. It enriches one’s life.

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