Meeting Minutes — 2016-02-10

Location: Copperas Cove Public Library (CCPL)
Number of attendees: 10

Welcome Makers.

Awesome group of makers from young inventors, artists, homemakers, 3D modelers, black smiths, and rockets makers, and more!

Topic of conversation:

3D Printing

Laptops were made available during the meeting for members to learn 3D modeling using either Tinkercad or OpenSCAD.



Making 3D models

For the next club meeting, please have your 3D model printed.   Your 3D design should be a flat 3D printed object using PLA filament that is 2 inches across by 1/2 inch wide. Have it ready for when we have the Lost Wax Casting class next month.

Maker Project

Dan shared his project – an automated microscope platform.  Here fellow makers are discussing parts for Dan’s project.  A great conversation for the young inventor!  He’s learning about precision linear actuators.


Project Show and Tell

Ron shares his project the XY Plotter from Makeblock. Draw, etch, or whatever!


Project Show and Tell

Upcoming Class

Arduino 101 will be Saturday, February 20, 2016. Be sure to sign up before the 18th.

Learn more: Arudino 101 Class


The Arduino 101 class is ideal for anyone who has not had any computer programming or electronic experience.  The instructor will walk you through the process: from learning to use the software, hardware, computer programming, reading schematics, setting up components,  and finally learning to control an LED.  She will start with the most basic project “Blinky” and by the end of the class you will know how to make color using an RGB LED matrix. Makers will achieve knowledge and leave class with a basic kit and instructions to continue learn at home.   They will be prepared for the next Arduino class which is currently being developed.

Here is an example of an Arduino Uno project:

Feel free to do searches for “arduino uno project” and be amazed what the maker community is doing.

Explore the world of making today.


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