Meeting Minutes – 2015-11-18

Location: Copperas Cove Public Library (CCPL)
Number of attendees:  10

New attendees were welcomed. Most of the group consisted of people we met at the B&N Mini Maker Faire earlier in November.

Kevin presented a 3D printed object and talked how 3D printed objects can be used to make molds for casting.  He spoke about a free modeling tool called Tinkercad where you can design and save your 3D object.  Either bring your file or log into Tinkercad at the CCPL computer to then send your model to be printed.   If you have never done a 3D model that’s okay because Tinkercad’s Tutorial will help you learn to design model in no time.

Kevin also brought several new library books to the meeting and announced they are now available in the technology area of CCPL.

New technology book at Copperas Cove Public Library

New technology book at Copperas Cove Public Library


  • The TAB Book of Arduino Projects – 36 Things to Make with Shields and Proto Shields
  • Hacking Electronics – An Illustrated DIY guide for makers and hobbyists
  • Make your own PCBs with EAGLE from Schematic designs to Finished boards.
  • Fritzing for Innventors – Take your Electronics Project from Prototype to Product
  • Programming Arduino Next Steps – Going Further with Sketches
  • Make: Getting Started with the Photon – Making Things with the Affordable, Compact, Hackable WiFi Module

All the above books are from the same author:  Simon Monk

Ron Nelson brought his Mini Laser Etcher to the meeting.  He talked about the technology and went onto demo it.

A young inventor was excited to see the Mini Laser Etcher etch a design which he picked.

Furthermore, Ron announced that in the near future the Copperas Cove Public Library will receive a donation of its own Mini Laser Etcher, along with an Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega. Once these are cataloged, they will be available for check-out from the library.

The plan is to have an Introduction to Arduino class after the first of the year. Also planned is a basic electronics class based on Squishy Circuits. These classes will be inexpensively priced — a lab fee for the equipment. Right now, it looks like the Squishy Circuits class will have a $20 fee and the Arduino a $40 fee. This fee includes take-home electronics parts for further self-paced training.

Before the meeting ended Kevin asked members to try designing a 3D model in Tinkercad, bring it the library and print it.


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